I'm Millie

I was on track to stardom as a professional actor. However, my career hit a serious snag when I had my son. I was able to make it work for a little bit and even do a commercial with him. But when his brother showed up, the acting had to stop for a while.

So I tapped into another creative avenue - audiobooks. I started proofing with the hope of narrating one day. It seemed like a good plan until we realized our home was not going to be quiet with two small boys and...their baby sister.

Week 3 - Filler

2015-04-09 01:36:34

Week 3 is come and gone and really it served like a bad middle novel in a trilogy series. Just Filler.

Easter came and I did my best to eat Paleo, but didn't beat myself up when I had dessert. Perhaps I should have, though, because I gained FIVE POUNDS!!! I seriously would have to have embarrassed myself to gain that much weight in 2 days. I asked Stud to confirm if I ate crazily and he seemed supportive of the fact that I didn't - assuring me it must be water weight (he also wants to live a long healthy life and doesn't fall into traps). I might agree with him since I've returned to eating paleo (except I was so disheartened I now allow myself to use butter in cooking. I know, even when I cheat I'm ridiculous) I have lost 1 of the pounds. I increased exercise too last week and didn't see any benefits EXCEPT that my heart rate showed improvement.

I don't feel like writing much more on the subject and am really only finishing the challenge in hopes of knocking the 4 lbs back off a continue reading...